AVOID EXTRARODINARY CHARGES AND DELAYS caused by malfunctioning of the A/C at the Panama Canal.

The below advisory from the Panama Canal Authority states that A/C should be able to maintain temperatures between 21 °C and 26°C, and a relative humidity between 40% and 70%:


In PANAMA SHIP SERVICE, we have vast of experience on repair, maintenance and installation of cooling systems and ensure good performance of the ship’s equipment to ensure compliance.

Panama Canal Pilots are usually on the bridge during the transit through the lockages. In order to comply Panama Canal regulations related to temperatures and guarantee a suitable environment for Panama Canal personnel, the ship owners has requested the installation of a split a/c.

This job was performed at Balboa anchorage and took 3 hours to install it, including testing.

We can provide a variety of AC brands, type (inverter tech or not) and capacity adjusted to the cabin’s needs.

Hereby find photos related to this job: