As one of the most destructive forest pests which are native from countries as Korea, Russia, China, and Japan (Far East countries). AGM can attack trees creating huge devastation. The period during which the females lay eggs is between June and September. Therefore, ships calling in those Far Eastern ports where AGM are found in high density during such periods are likely to be infested with egg masses on some part of the cargo or external area of the vessel.

Some countries have put into place requirements to prevent the vessels may be carrying such pests from entering their ports. They include Australia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, and Chile. Such procedures consist of the requirement of certification from the port of departure in high-risk areas verifying that the vessel is free from AGM and also inspections at the port of arrival of ships suspected of carrying AGM onboard. Vessels that fail to comply with such requirements or which are found to be carrying AGM after inspection may be ordered into international waters till they are deemed to be completely risk-free.