On June 16, 2017, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) decided to require shipowners and administrators to incorporate cybersecurity management into the security systems established by the ISM code, which is why the telecommunications organization COMSAT makes its announcement to create a set of cyber security solutions for the maritime industry, this emerges as an imperative need to protect fleets against harmful attacks, after recent events.

COMSAT offers a route of immediate compliance to ship owners and managers for the new IMO cybersecurity mandate, and provides greater security for data transmissions to and from a ship, no matter where is located in the world. The corporation must work on detecting, preventing and responding to security gaps. In addition to identifying patterns or anomalies that indicate that the data may be compromised, it constantly monitors and reports potentially malicious activity.

This global satellite communications company, headquartered in Melbourne, FL, USA, with branches in other countries of the world, has complementary locations in Amsterdam, New York and Hawaii. They can make the network aboard a marine vessel work completely within the company’s protocols.

In addition, the COMSAT network architecture incorporates multiple points of presence (POP) and interconnectivity with SATCOM providers, making the transition from satellite to terrestrial networks secure. On the other hand, it offers the unique ability to connect transmissions of data communicated by the vessels directly to the corporate network of the clients, without ever having to touch the Internet.

In this sense the COMSAT data network is fully compatible with industry standards including HIPAA, PCI, FISMA and SSAE 16. Thus, this organization has provided connectivity services to maritime operators for the past 60 years, is a provider Data and voice-cyber services for satellite networks and a wholesale distributor for leading marine hardware and software connectivity manufacturers.

Also, COMSAT President David Greenhill stressed that “IMO’s new mandate on cybersecurity is a bold challenge in the maritime industry, which represents the industry’s growing concern about the vulnerability of fleet communications.” He further assured that COMSAT complies with the necessary cyber security services requested by IMO in its new mandate. Operators and ship managers interested in complying with the new IMO mandate should contact COMSAT.

The COMSAT organization was created in 1962 by the Law of Satellite Communications, this company has played an important role in the SATCOM industry from its beginnings to the present day. It offers a complete portfolio of satellite solutions.