The Danish technology company Virsabi is materializing a new and innovative project in conjunction with Viking Supply Ships and MAN Diesel Turbo, in which they will develop a mixed reality system that will be used for maintenance while onboard and problem solving.

What is mixed reality? Now it is known that virtual reality involves the use of special glasses that present an alternative reality that is disconnected from the current physical presence of those who use it. In the case of mixed reality allows the user to see reality through glasses, this is similar to augmented reality, where the user is able to interact with their physical environment and obtain feedback based on that.

According to Virsabi Business Intelligence Director Borger Borgersen, the company currently uses Microsoft HoloLens lenses, Borgensen says the use of this resource is basically using a Windows 10 computer in the head. These glasses allow the user to look through them and orientate themselves to the real world, where they can then add information and react in the real world.

The glasses can see the user when entering, for example, in the engine room of a ship, will identify the machinery and will get information about this. In addition, the glasses can show the history of maintenance of the equipment, what to do at the time and precautions to take. In addition to that the instructions to do are given step by step with the glasses recognizing but specific instructions are followed. In this sense Borgensen stated that all instructions can be presented by a voice or a text message in front of you, therefore the user can continue to use both hands while receiving the instructions, need not move away from the engine while working and in this way the process is accelerated.

With the use of this important technology provides less errors, greater security and in this way the technicians are trained to complete tasks that cannot do alone. On the other Virsabi can add Skype call functionality, for advice outside the site where the expert can guide the technician and see what he is doing, plus the system ensures that everything is recorded for warranty purposes.

Also, Virsabi Product Director Jens Lauritsen says that this is a radical approach and believes that with the use of glasses can improve the classic processes aboard a ship with the chief engineer. Lauritsen says that what they are trying to do is pull all those switches from side to side, get all those manual processes and basically incorporate it into the technology that will carry in the head.