The world’s leading provider of integrated waste management systems, Evac, has introduced a new biological wastewater treatment plant for small boat owners that offers cost-effective treatment of black and gray water which meets and exceeds the latest environmental standards.

The new plant is available in capacities of 2-11 m3 / day, and the compact Evac Eco Treat represents the next generation of biological wastewater treatment plants and is compatible with systems for collecting wastewater systems by gravity and vacuum.

In addition the Evac Eco Treat is a 100 percent biological system for the efficient treatment of black wastewater from toilets and urinals, as well as gray water such as sinks and showers. So with the use of wastewater treatment can remove any residue of chemical, filter or membrane.

The plant has been designed to make operation and maintenance as easy and cost-effective as possible, while its compact footprint and low weight means that it is suitable for smaller vessels where tight space restrictions may occur.

On the other hand Evac Eco Treat uses the principle of submerged fixed film batteries, therefore the black and gray waste streams are fed to the incoming mixing tank either by gravity or by a vacuum pump. Then the wastewater is transferred to the bioreactor tank by a maceration pump, which mixes gray and black water and cuts the solids.

Also the wastewater is then fed through the matrix into the bioreactor tank by compressed air which is supplied by diffusers at the bottom of the tank. The air supplies oxygen and also improves the biological process. The treated water then flows from the bioreactor tank to the sedimentation tank by gravity, where it passes through the sedimentation matrix.

Also treated water, before being transferred to the tank of clean water, is exposed to an advanced UV light filter to eradicate all bacteria resistant to heat. On the other hand any organic or mineral sludge that accumulates in the sedimentation tank is transferred back to the bioreactor tank for further treatment or disposal of the system.

Product Manager for Wastewater Treatment Systems in Espoo, Finland, Mats Riska, said the company is pleased to introduce Evac Eco Treat in its wide range of biological wastewater treatment solutions. Riska added that this new solution, together with other advanced wastewater treatment solutions, such as Evac EcoOcean MBBR (Mobile Bed Biofilm Reactor) and Evac MBR (Membrane Bioreactor), allow them to meet the diverse needs of all customers of the marine sector.

It is important to note that the Evac Eco Treat is certified and certified by DNV in accordance with IMO MEPC 227 (64). In addition, the plant is also approved by the United States Coast Guard and Transports Canada.