The Panama Canal, with more than 100 years in operation, always depended on an invaluable natural resource for its operations, water. Today, with climate change this resource has become unstable and it is necessary to take actions to maintain its use.

In the year 2017, the Canal area has an increase in air temperature of 0.5 degrees, a decrease of 20% in the flow of the Chagres River and an unusual change in rainfall. These changes have been contemplated by the Canal and reinforce the need to achieve the objectives of the “Ruta Verde 2015-2020” plan.

Ruta Verde is a plan carried out in order to optimally take care and take advantage of the environmental resources in the canal area. In this way, we seek to position the Panama Canal as a global green route. This initiative covers different aspects such as:  the development of water recharge areas, conservation plans for the water used, community participation campaign and the identification of possible financiers.

Another action worthy of taking into account are those carried out by the CICH (Interinstitutional Commission for the Hydrographic Basin of the Panama Canal). This entity develops short and long-term actions with sub-basin populations since 2001 to develop actions in favor of forest and water care in the area.


Performing these actions is essential if you want to expand operations to meet the needs of the global market.