Auxiliary maritime services are focused on solving the basic needs of the vessels that transits the Panama Canal. These functions are provided to external companies and regulated by the Maritime Authority of Panama based on the Resolution N27 of 2008.

¿What is the Resolution N27 – 2008?

It was approved on January 21, 2008 in order to certify the responsibilities of the AMP on the different operating licenses granted to companies or workers that provide their services to Canal vessels. This document consists of 7 chapters and more than 60 articles.

Important general aspects

The first chapters of the resolution focus on the definition of the 18 auxiliary services that are provided in Panamanian waters, in here are establish responsibilities of the different departments  in the Panama Maritime Authority to perform the regulation of operating licenses. One point to take into account is that in these first chapters it is established that the validity of an operating license goes from 10 years to less, depending on the type of service provided.

From chapters 4 to 6, the procedures to be issued to issue an operating license are established, depending on the type of services to be performed. There are more than 5 different permits, which must be applied following different procedures. In addition, the guarantees, required insurance and tariffs for port services are stipulated.

As a final point, in the last chapters of the resolution establish the regulations to be followed by each carrier of an operating license and the procedures for breaches of the rule, this aspect includes the sanctions.


If you want to obtain the resolution, we leave to download it.