On October 1, the Panama Canal remove the restrictions of  daily light and limited transits of the LNG ships ¿What is it about?. In the restriction of daily light , for this class of ships was denied transit at night, when this restriction is removed, they are given the possibility to transit at any time.

Now for the restriction of the transit, this limitation in the passage of the LNG ships was one vessel per day. With the new update, they give the chance for 2 or 3 vessels to transit through Gatun lake at the same time. In addition, it is working to be able to transit the ships that arrive at the unforeseen moment, speeding up the dynamics of the Canal.

According to Director Silvia Marucci “By lifting these restrictions the Canal will release even more capacity for LNG, giving the opportunity to compete for these positions”. The Panama Canal has received more than 350 LNG vessels during the last two years, with the lifting of these restrictions an increase of 50% is expected at the end of the 2018 period.






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