In the United Kingdom, the University of Newcastle developed an autonomous cleaning robot called HISMAR, which facilitates the external cleaning procedure on ships. In general, the working procedure carried by the robot can be defined in four steps:
1- Develop a cleaning map that the robot will take on the boat. By means of an optical navigation system the robot will be able to operate properly on the marked surfaces.

2- The robot initiates the cleaning procedure, which is carried out with a jet of marine water under pressure, removing all the impurities in the exterior of the boat.

3- It keeps the impurities in a compartment, which can be removed to collect the waste.

4- The robot obtains information about the ship state. This information is used for a better maintaining of the ship.

For the year 2009 this system has already been tested. Its functionalities and advances have been registered in 2014 on the website of the European Commission for research and development of information services.